A cat with a box? Well, if you have a box, you are bound to find a cat in it… if you have a cat, that is. I am sure that is why whoever came up with cat boxes was aware of this. A box, regardless of whether it is cardboard or plastic, will attract a cat. Heck, my cats love paper bags, too. But I digress.
cats in box
While I love my cats, I am less than enthused about cat boxes. Oh, I am glad we have them, but I am less than excited to clean them. Charlie and I have an agreement. He will do the day to day scooping out of the cat box while I get to clean it out with a good scrub. I don’t know which one is ickier.

This past Sunday, Charlie came down with a cold. For the next 3-4 days, I was emptying the cat box. Yay, me!

cat box

Thankfully, Charlie is feeling better now, so he is back to the daily scooping. ’Cause, you know, I’m well and truly done with it.

(Yes, I love my kitties, but I do not love the cat box. Cats in boxes, yes. Cat box, no.)