Marci Baun’s audiences come away with first hand knowledge of what publishers are looking for. Her no-nonsense style of speaking educates and entertains while encouraging her audience to follow their publishing dreams.

If you are experiencing Marci’s message as someone who has yet to write your first book, you’ll have actionable ideas of what you need to do to see your book published.

If you are hearing Marci as a more experienced author who’s met with repeated rejection, you’ll gain valuable insight on how to change those rejections to acceptances.

If you are a self-publisher who is listening to Marci, you’ll see publishing in a whole new light.

Topics for Presentations

The 5 Elements Every Publisher Looks for in a Really Good Book

  • What makes a publisher not just want to read the first chapter, but read the entire book and offer you a contract
  • What makes a query stand out from all the others
  • How to keep your correspondence from landing in the circular file
  • What kind of authors attract publishers to sign them

Have you ever read a book that didn’t met your standards and thought, “I can do better than that?”

You wondered why the publisher even accepted it in the first place. You knew that you had a book in you that would blow that one out of the water, but when you sat down, you struggled with where to start.

Or you wrote the book, but you can’t seem to get a publisher to read more than the query letter. It seems like all you get are boomerang rejection letters.

As a traditional publisher of more than 400 books and two award-winning publishing houses, I know what publishers are looking for. My message is packed with industry insight, inspiration, humor, and education you can take with you on your journey through the wonderful, and sometimes mysterious, world of publishing. In my talk, you will discover:

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