Express Publisher Package

This package gets you ready to go to press. Everything you need to succeed with your book.


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Influencer Publisher Package

This package gets your critical elements prepared for press. What you need to excel with your book.


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Bestseller Publisher Package

This package gets you the preparation, guidance and training you need to create a professionally published book. It’s what you need to know and do to give your book the best chance in the marketplace.

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Reviews from Clients

“Have you ever slammed a book shut, swearing never again to read an author, after stumbling across a glaring, silly error? I have. That’s why an honest, dependable, and demanding editor is critical to the success of a career. Writing is a team sport, and the editor can make or break a writer. Read More…

James Greer

Author of A Parasol in a Hurricane, Out of Ideas, and The Heart of the Matter (coming out soon.)

My work with Marci Baun was easy and graceful. I went through five editors before discovering Marci. Within a very short period of time, we took my book, kept my voice, which other editors had really robbed it of all essence of me, and the book Read More…

Lin Morel

CEO of Beyond Words Group, Inc.

“Marci Baun and Wild Child Publishing took a chance on me back in 2010 and accepted my Female Assassin “Lucky’s Charm” series. Over the course of the last five years I’ve taken every piece of advice and help from Marci, her fantastic editors, and cover artists and have become a far better Read More…

Jenn Nixon

Author of the romantic suspense Lucky Series and the YA science fiction Tiva Boon series

“Wild Child Publishing rocks! Marci and her brilliant team of editors whipped my books into shape, making them even better than I dreamed possible. The camaraderie amongst Wild Child’s authors is motivational. I’m proud to be part of the Wild Child Family.”

Terri Talley Venters

Author of The Elements of Mystery series