Freddie Hart

In February 1993, I had the opportunity to sing back up for Grand Ole Opry star Freddie Hart at a few concerts. He wasn’t the only Grand Ole Opry star on the tour, but I’d have to look through my pictures and think about who all was there. All of them were very nice and great with their fans. If I remember correctly, I didn’t have much time to learn the harmonies. I wasn’t a country fan and didn’t know his songs. (I still don’t know very many country songs.) To top it off, I didn’t get to rehearse with him until right before the first show. For someone used to a lot of rehearsal, this was a bit nerve wracking.  Apparently, I pulled it off. LOL

It was a good experience, but after that tour (not because of it, though), I hung up my singing hat for three years or so. I didn’t sing at all, not even in the shower.

Whether Mr. Hart would remember me or not, I would be surprised. It was only two concerts. He’s still alive (87) and lives in Alabama. I am grateful to him for giving me the opportunity to sing backup and for being so kind.

People rarely see me as a singer. What I mean, is they don’t associate me as being someone who actually studied music. I’m not sure why. Maybe someday I will understand.

So, that’s my Throwback Thursday.