Terci in Chains by Kate Richards, BDSM short

Terci Angel is an up and coming BDSM author who secretly dreams of being a submissive herself. She’s not sure if it’s merely a result of her research or if she’s crushing on the mysterious Mistress K, a dominatrix Terci has a strictly online relationship with and has guided Terci in making her BDSM books as real as possible.

Now Terci has a chance to meet her favorite author Mariana Martin at a convention she’s attending in Canada. Not only that, she signed up for a date through the 1Night Stand dating service.

Nervous and excited, little does Terci know that she is about to embark on an adventure that will change her life forever.

If you are a fan of Ms. Richards, you will surely enjoy this hot read. I highly recommend this fun, short story. It’s just enough to rev you up, but won’t keep you up reading all night to finish it.

I was given a copy of this eBook in exchange for an honest review.

5 out of 5 stars


Terci’s success as a BDSM romance author is not mirrored in her relationships. Maybe what she wants is what she writes. And maybe Madame Eve can give her a night to find out if that’s true with the Domme of her dreams.

Author Mariana Martin, aka Mistress K, has received a 1Night Stand as a gift from her agent, but she fears a convention might not be the best place to play. She keeps her life as a Domme separate from her public career. What if her secret is exposed? But she can’t say no to Terci, even if Mariana can’t let the sexy blonde find out who she really is.


To my lovely companion for the evening,

I have one simple request…before I enter, don this blindfold and await my pleasure. And yours.

Mistress K

Terci read it again, aloud, but the words didn’t change. Mistress K, here, at the hotel. In Canada? Didn’t she live in the US somewhere? But she could live in Ottawa or Timbuktu for all the information she’d offered. The woman protected her privacy with vehemence, making it clear from their first conversation that if Terci pushed for personal information, she’d never speak with her again.

Terci had never been so reticent. She’d not only asked questions about the lifestyle, but, during some of their late-night, online chats, she’d shared her own fantasies in great detail. Arching her back, she recalled some of the things she’d told a woman she thought she’d never meet.

And now she’d meet her blindfolded, unable to see her!

A soft click filtered in from the living room, and she shot upright, hands gripping the tub’s rounded edges, foam dripping from her shoulders. Another click—the door closing?—and someone moved across the tile foyer. Then a hush. Her heart thudded. Mistress K?

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