Round Robin, writing to-do list, writing goals for 2021
It’s been a while since I’ve participated in the Round Robins. This is not because they aren’t fun or worthwhile, but merely because I haven’t been motivated/inspired. The last few times I’ve signed up, I’ve flaked. I hate flaking. This time, I’m determined to participate. 🙂 This topic, writing goals, to-do lists, and current projects for the year, will help keep me on track for what I want to accomplish. (Perhaps if I write it down, it will make it so. LOL)

I have a couple of projects I’m working on right now. I have a contemporary romance that is back from the editors titled Last Chance. It started as a novella in 1999, became an eBook in 2005 (still novella-length), and is now a category novel. I spent last year in a critique group working through it. I haven’t opened the edits. Perhaps I’m afraid of what I’ll find. LOL Or maybe I’m focused on my newest WIP. (Let’s go with that. LOL) However, the intention is to get a good marketing plan together and release it with a bang. The critique group is full of men who write science fiction and one who wrote romance. While not the men’s genre, they liked the story. (Which goes to show men that romance can be entertaining and a good read.)

Currently, I’m working on a new contemporary shifter romance for an anthology that releases in June. The length is supposed to be between 15,000-25,000. For many of you, that may seem like a drop in the bucket. For me, it could take me another 2-3 months to write. We’ll see how it goes. As of now, I’m 800+ words in. The story centers around a wolf shifter and her bandmates. As Last Chance was a little heavier, my intent is for this story to be light. We’ll see how that turns out.

A Winter Romance, historical romance anthologyI have one more story that I’d like to expand to 30-40k titled “The Samurai’s Duke.” I wrote it for an anthology that released in December (A Winter Anthology). It’s a historical romance set in Regency England with a female samurai as the heroine. She’s half-Japanese and half-English. Obviously, this is in an alternate universe, because, other than some trade with the Dutch, Japan was closed to the West at this time. It’s received a mix bag of reviews, although mostly positive. Those who didn’t like it were more concerned about the fact I played with history. All of the others thought it was an intriguing and fun story.

This is actually quite a lot of projects for me. Normally, I only complete a novel a year. my intent is release Last Chance, submit the story (yet to be named), and expand The Samurai’s Duke. Will it happen? Well, it remains to be seen, but if it does, perhaps all you can help me celebrate. How? Still to be determined. LOL

What are you projects, goals, to-do lists this year? It doesn’t have to be writing. Just anything you want to accomplish.

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