Round RobinTopic: What current issues are important to you? How often do modern social or global issues are addressed in some way in your stories no matter what era or genera you write?

I have several current issues that are important to me, but they are very controversial. As I tend to be on the less favorable side of the issues (although not always), I tend not to talk about them. Well, sometimes, I do, but mostly I don’t. Discussions often become heated, and I’m rather opinionated. LOL

This does happen on my Facebook page as some recent laws passed in California have taken away a parent’s right to make medical decisions for their children in the name of “protecting” them. When you follow the money of donors to the legislators, you know it had nothing to do with protection of children and everything to do with protection of corporate interests. But that’s no surprise. It seems that’s the way our country has been headed for decades.

I’m not cynical at all. LOL

So, yeah, I generally don’t write them into my stories either unless they are germane to the story line. For me, I don’t read fiction to be schooled on an issue. And, unless it’s done really well (read: I don’t feel like I’m being hit over the head with their opinion and being told what to think), I’m apt to put down a book and not read an author again if they do this. They are entitled to their opinions, but I don’t have to read them.

That being said, I’ve been debating on working something into the next book of my new seriesThe Children of Itar. We’ll see. Again, my stance tends to be really controversial, which could be good or bad. Good, in that it could generate sales. Bad because of the personal attacks and possible death threats.

I can’t wait to see what everyone else has written about this topic. I hope you stop by their blogs and check it out.