Round Robin

It’s time for my monthly round robin topic. This month we are discussing something a bit different. Perhaps you can chime in as well. What is the most inspiring, romantic, or dangerous setting you ever read or written?

This is one of the more challenging posts for me. In the early morning light of this gray May morning, my brain is as overcast as the sky. Picking the most inspiring, romantic, or dangerous setting is hard when nothing comes to mind. It’s that morning fog permeating everything, settling in and making things fuzzy. I will pick my brain and see what I can come up with.

I’ve been inspired by a number of books. Conversations with God had a profound effect on my life. That summer in Italy singing was amazing and most peaceful summer I’d had since my sister’s death at that time.

As for romantic, there are two that come to mind. The movie Somewhere in Time is one of my favorite romance movies of all time. Of course, it makes me cry, so I don’t watch it often. The romance book that I considered my favorite for years, although may not be now if I were to read it again (the editor’s curse of never being able to turn the editor off), was Jude Devereux’s Knight in Shining Armor. Now, that I look at both of these, I realize they are time travel romance. I love good time travel romances. They were popular in the 80s, but you don’t see many of them any more, much to my dismay. Perhaps I need to write one. (smile)

As for dangerous, I suppose it depends on what you consider dangerous. I am currently writing a story, The Whispering House, where the setting is not so much as dangerous as what is happening. The heroine is being chased by creatures from another dimension. It’s incredibly creepy, and the creatures are very dangerous. There is romance, but it’s turning out not to be the focus of the book, even though that was my original intent. Lady Muse is a fickle woman. LOL

So, that’s my ramblings on this foggy, May morning. Please stop by the blogs of these fine authors. I am looking forward to some inspiration from them.

Anne Stenhouse
Diane Bator
Geeta Kakade
Connie Vines
Beverley Bateman
Ginger Simpson
Margaret Fieland
Fiona McGier
Heidi Thomas
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