Round Robin

September’s topic is about abandoned places. Do you have abandoned places near you that itch your curiosity about what happened and why? Does your imagination take over? Are these places haunted? What stories do you imagine?

Not far from where I lived as a child stood an abandoned barn. Well, growing up out in the country, there were many abandoned barns, but this one inspired the imaginations of the local populace Every time my dad, or mom, drove past it, I wondered about the people who once owned it. Perhaps this abandoned barn ghost story was inspired by the local legend of the Witch of Snake Road. (By the way, I copy and pasted the link in only to have it disappear. I had to do it again.)

That vivid imagination hasn’t changed much. In Los Angeles, there aren’t many abandoned places. There are some office buildings with vacant spaces, but the land is too valuable for anything to stay vacant for long, even haunted places.

So, what do I do in lieu of such places? Well, there are many inhabited houses and buildings with a vibe that makes one’s skin crawl. For instance, there is an office building on the way to Costco that, every time we pass it, I shudder. No real reason for it other than I feel like I’m being watched every time I drive by it.

Then there are places like the Culver Hotel, rich in Hollywood history and full of ghost stories. Such places pepper Los Angeles. Anywhere the rich and famous stayed you will find a ghost connected to it. (Roosevelt Hotel supposedly is haunted by both Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift.)

If you want a real creep fest, try the Hollywood sign. Originally Hollywoodland, the sign in its original incarnation, had a reputation for suicide, although only one has ever been documented. (Peg Entwistle ) Many years ago, I read a book that said the reason the city removed “land” from the sign was because woebegone wannabe actors/actresses inspired by Entwistle were throwing themselves off it. (There are thirteen letters in Hollywoodland.)

Perhaps one of these days, I will write a story based on that sign. Plot bunnies are forming already. LOL

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