Today, I swam with the master’s team. When I swim with them, I’m in the 1:30 hundred pace lane. Last Sunday, I did the same and managed to convince someone else to lead. I must say the draft was lovely. LOL She refused to lead today, so it fell to me. However, the coach was Clay Evans, an Olympic silver medalist, and this is our workout. He likes to push us hard. I’m somewhat surprised at how fast I swam. Maybe it was having someone on my tail that motivated me? Maybe it was that competitive spirit? Maybe it was that I didn’t swim yesterday (I did cycle)? Regardless, it was a good swim workout today.

One-Hour Swim Workout

by Coach Clay Evans

8 minute warmup (550 yds)

Set One 5x (1250 yds)
alternate 200/50
1st three 200s on 3:10
last two 200s on 3:00
all 50s on :45

easy 50

25/50/75/150 kick (:30 base interval by 25)

Set Two 6x (750 yds)
alternate 100/25
100s on 1:30
25s on :25
easy 50 after the 4th round

“Set” Three 7x (350 yds)
25 on :20
25 on :40–sprint first half then easy last half

100 warm down

Total yards: 3350

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