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I’m interviewing the character Noelle Fournier from Jilted Again today. I am delving deep into her psyche. (grin) She’s had a rough time of it, but things are looking up. Help me give her a warm welcome.

Marci: What kind of man attracts you? Is he a James Bond man’s man? Mysterious and brooding like Heathcliff? A sparkly vampire? The bad boy? Thor? Or someone like Dudley Do-Right?

Nicole: I’m going to have to say, a James Bond man’s man. I definitely like a groomed man. I don’t care for a metrosexual man, just so long as he’s got himself together. I find that metrosexual men tend to be a bit more high maintenance than I am. Since I’ve been told repeatedly (wink) that I’m high maintenance already, we don’t need two of us competing for the title of bathroom time winner.

Plus extremely beautiful men intimidate me. Don’t get me wrong I’m flattered by the attention. However, I don’t know if I could sustain a long-term relationship with a beautiful man. I’m a tad jealous. I would give every woman that looked at him the side eye, even if she was only admiring his hair. I know myself and my insecurities. It’s better not to tempt fate.

Generally, I look his watch, shoes, and fingernails. You can tell a lot about a man from the fit of his clothing. A James Bond type of man would have a well-tailored suit regardless of the designer, wear a bold watch, and have his nails neatly trimmed. He usually knows what he expects from everyone around him. I like that level of confidence, tinged with a touch of boldness, and rough edge. It’s the confidence I find attractive. Was that an overshare?

Marci: Maybe a little, but it’s okay. We’re friendly. (grin)

So, what impression do you make on people when they first meet you?

Nicole: I’m very friendly and outgoing. Uber-organized, (laughs heartily). I’m a bit of a control freak. (I see everyone around me rolling their eyes.) I could talk for ages about everything and nothing. My best friend likens me to the Energizer Bunny with a perpetual battery. I’m always on.

I’ve always felt one of my roles in life was to take care of others, whether it’s offering you a cup of tea or a listening ear. I’m sure due to my enthusiasm and type-A personality, I frighten some people. My ex-fiancé once told me I was exhausting in my thoughtfulness. So, there’s that.

Marci: Perhaps you are better off without him, then. 😀

Do you think you’ve turned out the way your parents expected?

Nicole: Well I don’t know my biological father. I have no idea what he thinks, nor do I care. I think I’ve turned out better than my mother expected. She’s a practical person. She doesn’t idealize her children. She knows we all have our flaws.

From her perspective the fact that I’m not on drugs, I don’t really party other than drinking wine on my couch, and I own my own business makes me a success in her book.

Honestly, my mother is the type that is interested in everything I do and say no matter how trivial. I feel for her to have a daughter as neurotic and overachieving as I am would be exasperating to anyone else, but she shrugs it off and offers me a drink. I know she’s proud every bit of my crazy.

Marci: What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you?

Noelle:  Finding out my ex-fiancé was still in love with his ex-girlfriend one month before our wedding. She was pregnant with his child.

Marci: Oooo… yeah, that would be bad. What are you most afraid of?

NoelleI’m most afraid of discovering that what I’ve been working towards for most of my life will fall apart and I’ll never be able to recover. I’ve had my share of heartache and frustration and I’m afraid I may not get my happily ever after.

Marci: Sweet or salty?

Nicole: Can I have both? If I must choose, definitely sweet. I love crème brûlée and chocolate hazelnut spread.

Marci: How do you spend your Saturday nights? At home watching a movie, reading a book, etc? Out with your friends dancing the night away?

Nicole: Working. No seriously, my company takes up the majority of my time. If it’s Saturday night, I’m usually hanging out with my best friend at my house arguing about lines of web development code and whether we are going to eat sushi or steak for dinner. Then it’s usually a movie on the couch after dinner followed by falling asleep on the very same couch. Epic stuff.

Marci: If you ended up old and alone, would you be a crazy cat lady/guy, a hoarder, cantankerous and bitter, or a yoga master, totally zenned out and smoking pot?

Nicole: I want to say I would be a yoga master. I’d love to let my hair grow long and not care about wrinkles. That I would practice downward dog poses all day long in a patchouli scented room. But, I know I’d end up being the crazy cat lady. I would have at least five cats of various breeds and enter them in competitions. You’re laughing but I’m totally serious.

Marci: If you could have any superpower, which would it be?

Nicole: Oh I like this question. Most people assume since I’m very feminine, I don’t know anything about superheroes. I assure you I’m a secret hardcore nerd. I just hide it very well. I would want Jean Grey’s superpowers she is a telepath, she’s unstoppable, and she comes back from the dead multiple times.

Why are you looking at me like that? Oh, I have to pick one? Ok. Fine. I’d have to go with her telepathic ability. To be able to experience another person’s feelings without having to say a word, that is the ultimate superpower.

Marci: What is your favorite inanimate object?

Nicole: My coffee maker. My stepsister recently bought me a fancy cappuccino maker. I am more than a little bit in love with it.

Alexandra Andersen, author of Jilted Again Alexandra Andersen’s Bio:

Alexandra Andersen is a romance author, online editor, and founder of Wine & Drama. Alexandra is an avid traveler and spends her time drinking coffee and wine in between writing. It is her firm belief that the universe expands to allow you to realize your inner most dreams and desires.

She believes you can get everything you want and deserve out of life. You deserve love. You deserve happiness. But, most of all you deserve a good life. Be passionate always. Your life is truly what you choose to make it.

She plans on moving one day to a little cottage in the English countryside. Where she can write in peace and finally meet a horseback riding, whisky drinking, foxhunting Darcy-esque Lord to shack up with. For now, she’ll settle for sushi, pedicures, small unruly children, crème brûlée, and Malbec wine.

Jilted Again by Alexandra AndersenBook Description:

Noelle Fournier has dreamed of being a bride ever since she was born.

After a devastating broken engagement five years ago, she’s now engaged to the dashing Dmitri Orlov and more than ready for her happy ending complete with an antique diamond tiara and Tiffany blue wedding cake.

Her world is suddenly shattered when Dmitri reveals on their wedding day, he’s given his heart and soul to someone Noelle never imagined would hurt her. Chaos ensues.

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