Last year, I came upon the idea to create a mosaic and use this process as a home school project. Not only would it work for art, but also math. To create the mosaic, the one I had in mind, would require mapping, measuring, and other forms of math. (grin)

It’s an ambitious project for a large, ugly back fence that surrounds our pool. Ugly fence? Yes, ugly. It’s that old concrete block the color of puke. Charlie and I have been talking about doing something to make our backyard nicer. I think this will work.

I thought I would post our journey of the mosaic on here as we progress with it.

Our first step was to measure the area and break it up into blocks/panels. (As it happens, these concrete blocks are exactly 8″x8″.) Each panel, or two panels, will be  it’s own scene within a larger scene. (This is what Lily and I have decided upon after our measurements were completed.)

Our next step: brainstorming a design. What did we want on the mosaic? Much to Charlie’s chagrin, it’s going to be a mosaic full of mythical characters/creatures. (grin) I think it will be whimsical and fun. He’s not sold on the idea. It will be interesting to see how it turns out.

This is the first, and center, panel. We are using graph paper to help us map it out and know where each element will be placed on the wall. Each square (not small but the one outlined with the darker blue) represents a square on the wall. Once we finish our design, I’ll have a transparent made from it and we’ll use a projector to get the final design up on the wall.

the beginning of our mosaic

Hopefully, we will have more on these panels by the end of the week and we will move onto the next section by next week. I expect this to be a several month project.