So, as many of you know, Lily and I are working on a mosaic. We’ve been drawing and planning and excited about the whole process. We nearly finished up one scene last Friday. We added in a stag, a waterfall, a frog, and some trees. There is this fabulous website (DragoArt) with step by step instructions on how to draw just about anything. That’s where I learned how to draw a stag and a waterfall. I highly recommend it. It’s not just animals and scenery, it’s also people, mythical beasts, and so many other things. Anyway, I’m really stoked about our mosaic, and then a friend stopped by.

Nothing like having your bubble burst. LOL

She’s a good friend. I can forgive her, but I can’t say I’m not disappointed. She used to make mosaics every summer with her mother. Unless I have a huge wall (much bigger than mine), this kind of detail in the space I have isn’t going to happen. (sigh) So, we have to rethink our design. Lily doesn’t know yet, but she will.

As fate would have it, a Living Social deal arrived in my inbox this past week for a mosaic class. (grin) I bought two, one for me and one for Lily. We’ll be taking the class very soon. Armed with this, we should be able to make a really amazing mosaic. Perhaps we’ll focus on three large figures, one of them being a mermaid, and then add some fun, smaller things in between.

Anyway, if mosaics were how I envisioned them, this would’ve been the middle scene. Alas, they are not. (Damn you, mosaics!)

On the positive side, I learned how to draw a stag, a waterfall, and a frog. Oh, and I had fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

Mosaic sketch

Mosaic middle scene