I usually enjoy long distance workouts. Not today. It was no fun. I was feeling slow, the water was cold, by the end of the workout, my knee was trying to lock and my calves were trying to cramp, and I just wasn’t having a good time. Of course, I finished it, but . . . ugh! Unlike the other day when this was fun, today sucked. In the pool is better than out of it, but some days make it hard to stay in the pool. Maybe it’s just I’m still not used to long course. I still managed to keep all but the last 300 around a 4:45. It just felt crappy. (Sigh)

Perhaps this workout will bring you more joy than it did me.

Hour swim workout, Sunday SCAQ long course

Coach Bill Bean

500 m warmup (~? min)

Warmup set (300 m, ? min)
Broken 300 m—50 swim/50 kick/100 swim/100 kick
:10 rest between

Main set 2x (2000 m, 34 min)
3 x 300 on 5:00
100 on 2:00
300’s done as:
1: 100 hard/200 moderate
2: 200 hard/100 moderate
3: 300 hard

Bonus set (100 m, 2 min)
2 x 50 sprint on 1:00

200 warm down

Total meters: 3100