Here’s a story I wrote many years ago. It’s fun and short and perfect for Halloween.

~ ~ ~ ~

The Spell

Happy Halloween

The Spell

by Kit Wylde © 2001

“Josie, where did I put that mandrake root?” Tsilla looked down at her familiar. Josie’s big green eyes stared at her for a moment then she began to clean her soft, midnight coat, disinterested. “Well, you’re no help at all. The coven arrives in… Oh, no, they should be here any minute. How are we to cast this spell without the mandrake root? You didn’t hide it again, did you?”

Josie stopped, glared at her mistress, twitched her tail and stalked off.

“Fine. Leave your mistress when she’s in need. I’ll remember this, naughty puss,” Tsilla grumbled.

A sizzling sound announced Serena’s arrival. “Is everything ready, Tsilla? I cannot wait,” she said excitedly.

Tsilla sighed. “I can’t find the mandrake root. It was here this afternoon, but,” she raised her voice, “I left the door open and someone stole it.” There was a yowl of protest from the other room. “And she better return it if she wants her treat tonight.”

Josie padded into the room, jumped up on the table, and daintily placed the missing ingredient down before disappearing again.

Serena picked it up gingerly and giggled. “It looks a little… mauled.”

“Very funny. I–”

A clap of thunder and a whoosh of air silenced them. Long, black hair floating around her, Celestial made her entrance.

“Always the drama queen, eh, Cellie,” Serena said.

“No, that’s how you get attention, Serena.” Tsilla chuckled.

Celestial gave them a quelling look. “At least I don’t waste my powers.”

Serena rolled her eyes. “Yeah, like that isn’t a…”

“Tsilla,” Celestial interrupted her, “are we going to cast that spell or not?”

“When the others arrive. We need nine to do it properly,” Tsilla replied unfazed.

Without fanfare, Rohanna, Lilith, Maeve, Ciela, Siobhan, and Gabrielle appeared. Tsilla admired their poise and hoped one day she would have their ease of power. They greeted each other quietly.

Lilith approached the cauldron. “Come, sisters, let us join hands.”

They formed a circle around the cauldron and began to chant:

“On this night, we call our mother.

On this night, we call our sisters.

On this night, we call our brothers.

On this night, we call our father.

“With each gift, we cast the light

for spirits work on this hallowed night.

“Pinch of soot

Mandrake root

Slippery elm

Viking’s helm

“Honey of bee

Bud of comfrey

Swan’s feather

Sprig of heather

“By fire, by earth, by water, by sky,

O, Powers that be, hear our cry.

“No evil will be seen this night

Only joyous laughter beckoning bright.

“Let children out for innocent fun.

It is our will. Let it be done.

“So mote it be.

So mote it be.”

Out of the cauldron, a whirlpool of luminous energy rose, reaching for the heavens. It swirled up and through the chimney, cascading into the night. Laughter could be heard as it reached the people below. The witches smiled at each other and sighed. It had worked. Another Halloween was saved.