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Unusual Paranormal Statements

Do you believe?

(Thank you Crazy facts:

  1. Hangleton Manor, the oldest secular building in Hove, England, has a cursed dovecote reputedly haunted by ghost pigeons. (Now if this true what are the pigeons doing? Do we have pigeon poo everywhere?)
  2. The modern Ouija Board got its name by asking the board what it should be called. (Hmmm, sorry these things scare the crap out of me and I want no part of them.)
  3. In Arizona, the Superstition Mountains is the home of the Apache Thunder God who cursed the land by killing anyone who travels the mountain trying to find his gold. Deaths began as early as the Spanish explorers in the 1500’s and up to this day. Some of the corpses were found decapitated. (Would you go explore if you could? I wouldn’t for a couple of reasons.)
  4. Mrs Dilys Cant failed repeatedly to back her car into a vacant space in a car park in Durham in 1975. It felt as if she was hitting a kerb, although nothing was visible. Her daughter and two other motorists were also unable to enter the space, which seemed to be protected by “an invisible force field.” (Yep, I would believe this and find it cool?)
  5. Ancient Egyptian statue of God of Death has started moving on its own. Over several days, the ten-inch Egyptian statuette gradually rotates to face the rear of the locked glass cabinet in which it is displayed, and has to be turned around again by hand. (Yep, I believe and would love to go see.”
  6. Patients with the Charles Bonnet Syndrome may see small people and animals, bright moving shapes or distorted and scary faces. These hallucinations are purely visual; no sounds accompany them. Many people call this syndrome a portal to a parallel reality. (Yep, another I believe in. There are other realms, planets, or parallels that we have not even tapped into…)

This strange and unusual paranormal tidbits are just a few of thousands out there. I love everything to do with the paranormal one of the reasons why I write about it.

My new release, Laying Claim to the Soul will be out on September 10. In the story itself we have demons, god like men, shifters and other alien creatures. If you like dragons like I do, I even have that.

This story has been waiting to be written now for six years. Even though there is a cliff hanger at the end, it’s one of my favorites. I really don’t know where these stories will lead me, but they are fun to write and I hope you enjoy them.

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“I must say you have some balls dear sister. You do realize who you were yelling at, right?” Furfur asked as she sat down and took a bite of her ice cream.

“It does not matter. I’d yell at your boss if I had too,” Tabitha smiled. “I did laugh at him that one time.”

Chax’s brother turned his head and the expression on his face was comical, to say the least.

“Oh, okay I remember that, but he likes you for some reason.” Furfur said.

“Well thanks a lot brother of mine. You don’t like me?” She took her spoon and flung chocolate ice cream at him just when he turned his head towards her. The blob of ice cream hit him right below the left eye.

The shocked expression on his face as the ice cream ran down his cheek was too much. Tabatha burst out laughing. She laughed so hard tears rolled down her face.

“I so wish I had a camera,” Tabatha said as Wol-itelm came out onto the deck followed by Chax and Hoyt.

“What’s so funny…damn brother if you like ice cream so much use a spoon,” Chax teased.

“Funny real funny. I owe you one sister,” Furfur got up from his chair and headed inside, but Tabatha had seen the smile on his face.

She got up and went to him touching his shoulder. He turned and looked down at her the ice cream still dripping. “Thank you. I needed that more then you know.” Tabatha wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him. “I’m glad you’re here, all of you. Even your pain in the ass brother Nicor.” She stepped back and grinned. “But that is okay, because I’ve decided to help Nicor. What he needs is a mate and I have the perfect person in mind for him.”

Furfur stared down at her for a few seconds before he started laughing. “I’m so going love watching this. Consider this your free shot.” He leaned down and kissed her cheek earning a growl from his brother

“Back off brother,” Chax said as he pulled her back into his arms.

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