Gratitude is a powerful gift we give ourselves. When we are grateful, it’s impossible to be unhappy. I read that in a book yesterday that’s published by Hay House. My neighbor and friend, Maru, had borrowed it from the library and let me read it. It’s true.

I tested that theory yesterday. Lethargic and unmotivated, I struggled to do much. Then, I sat down and read a few entries on the power of gratitude. It lifted some of the pall. I wasn’t sprightly by any means. LOL Nor did I dance a little jig and sing hallelujah. (That would’ve been an interesting sight. Charlie would’ve thought I was crazy, er, crazier. 😉 ) The inertia that had settled itself upon me (because, you know, I’m not responsible for my moods and all — grin) abated enough for me to move forward and accomplish a few things.

While I won’t be listing what I’m grateful for here, I am grateful, and I’ll continue to be grateful, even if it’s only that I breathe some days. (Actually, there may be days I wish I didn’t, but I’ll find something else to be grateful for. grin)