So, I’ve been doing some more research into what I want in my dream kitchen. Currently, in my kitchen, I have a stovetop and an oven. My stovetop is huge (36″), but has four burners with low BTUs. (Something I’m learning is important.) My oven is only 26″ wide. A leftover from the 1940s cabinets. This explains why I couldn’t find a small enough broiling pan to fit. So, my dream kitchen would include an oven large enough for a broiling pan and six burners. I mean, if I am going to have 36″ of my countertop taken up, I’d at least like 6 burners with the grates all connected. Oh, it would be lovely. Dreaming of it now… LOL

Since I’d have to replace the burners and the oven, I thought, “How about a gas range?” Many of the gas ranges have convection ovens now, although I’ve heard dual fuel is the best option, but I’d be fine with gas. So, I’m just going to go with gas because it makes things easier. Or it would in our kitchen.

In reality, I’d probably end up with a 30″ range, but in my dream kitchen, it’d be 36″ with 6 burners. (sigh) Yeah, that would be lovely… (happy sigh) I’m not sure if I’d want Wolf, though. I don’t think I need Wolf. Viking is very expensive, but I’ve found two that I really like GE Monogram and Thermador. Either one would be awesome. Okay, 36″ would be awesome.

Thermador gas range

This is the 30″ Thermador gas range. It’s nice, but I think I’d want this one (without the backguard).

Thermador 36 inch gas range


I like that it doesn’t have the little feet on the bottom. Why? Because I have cats. I don’t want my cats trying to get under my range. And you know they will.

However, I also really like the GE Monogram, but with 6 burners. I can always get a cast iron griddle if I want that.

GE Monogram 36 inch gas range

Then I found this one. (sigh) Forty-eight inches. What would I do with 48″ of range? I don’t know. I am sure I could find something. LOL But this would never fit into my current kitchen. I’d need a whole new house, which is a thought, but won’t happen at this moment.

GE Monogram 48 inch gas range

So, what are you thoughts? 30″, 36″ or 48″? Gas? Electric? Dual fuel?