So, Lily and I have been reading the series Fablehaven. One of the characters Lena draws intricate mythical scenes for the children to paint. Lily asked me to draw things for her to color. I don’t draw enough to just make something up. I have to copy. There are amazing sites out there that show you how to draw almost anything you want.

Here are a couple of examples of my “coloring pages.” As you can see, my flowers need work. (I still draw them as I did from elementary school. LOL) perhaps I need to find a site on how to draw flowers. This stag is from DragoArt. The fairy is from WikiHow. The trees are from childhood. LOL

fairy drawing, art

While I would prefer Lily to draw her own, I think it’s good for her to see me draw. I make a lot of mistakes and the eraser is my friend. She’s such a perfectionist that I hope by showing her mistakes are okay and often easy to rectify, she will ease those impossible standards.

The fairy colored in by Lily. I’m not sure why, but when I uploaded this file, it turned sideways. I don’t have any way to adjust it.

fairy drawing colored, art, drawing

The stag drawing colored in. Other than the stag, the “scene” is of my creation.

stag drawing, art

Lily insisted I sign my artwork. As the fairy isn’t really mine, I didn’t feel right about signing, but I did it to appease her. πŸ™‚