Christmas really sucked the time away. I’ve been running this way and that. With Charlie home, my time is not my own. It’s the old “you work from home so you can do whatever the hell you want”, except that’s not entirely true. He’s off; I’m not. Eh, I’ll do my best to juggle. It is nice having him home, though. 🙂

Christmas day found me flat on my back looking at the sky, my foot throbbing in pain. Unfortunately, the injury wasn’t from skydiving and landing wrong but from unloading the car. One moment, I had a load of boxes in my hands; the next, I was admiring the lovely blue sky above me. That is after I stopped cussing and the blue streak dissipated. LOL I rolled my foot. My ankle is okay, so that’s a plus, and I miraculously landed on the grass instead of the sidewalk. It’s slowly healing, but I still walk with a limp and the only comfortable “shoes” are my slippers or barefoot. I tried walking to the pool in flip flops today (don’t blame me I live in a place that’s warm at Christmas time), but they were rubbing my foot. I ended up barefoot over and back. How did I swim without my feet? It’s a little thing called a pull buoy.

pull buoy

pull buoy

Today was IM day. What’s IM day? I’m so glad you asked. (grin) Every Monday, we swim all of the competition strokes. Those are butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle (aka the crawl). I thought my breaststroked was bad with the kick. HAHAHA Oh, man, without it, it was, um, yeah, sad. LOL But I swam all but the last set using the pull buoy. The last set our fabulous coach Rada gave us wacky strokes. (Butterfly with freestyle kick, backstroke with breaststroke kick, and breaststroke with butterfly kick.) I had to try them, even if it was against my better judgement. I could do all of them except the breaststroke kick. It put too much pressure on my foot. So, I did it with one leg. Now, that was interesting. LOL That being said, it may be a few more practices with the pull buoy. I definitely don’t think I could have kicked the entire time.

New Year’s will be most likely be quiet. I barely made it to midnight last year. I can’t guarantee this year, although Lily is getting old enough she might want to try. It’s hard to say.

How was your Christmas? And do you have plans for the new year?