One of the things I have discovered when researching my books is that books aimed at children are often the best easy reference and a great place to get quick info and an idea of where to start. When I was researching Hieroglyphs, I bought a few books as I knew I was going to need them longer than the library would allow me to borrow them. (Oh, and because I am a bibliophile, especially with good reference books. LOL) I have two scholarly books and then a children’s book. While I use the scholarly books for research, my favorite one, and still is, the children’s book. Unfortunately, you can no longer find this book for purchase, except used.

Hieroglyphs study

What Life Was Like on the Banks of the Nile by Time-Life Books is fabulous. We’ve used it in homeschooling as well. Another great book, although I found it later while homeschool Lily is The Egyptology Handbook by Emily Sands. It’s not as in depth as the first one, but it has some fun activities included in it that children love, and you learn from.

Egyptology Handbook

Lily ran around for weeks after reading this as either Bastet, Isis or Hathor, and sometimes all three. LOL To this day, a year later, we talk about the Egyptian gods, their different “duties,” and why they were worshipped.

So, when you decide to do research, check on the children’s section first. You’ll often find the information you need without wading through tons and tons of scholarly text that you may not really need. (Not that it isn’t fascinating, but if your life is anything like mine, your writing time is precious. It’s essential to use it wisely.)

Civilizations: The History of the Ancient World, published by TickTock Books, Ltd., is another such book. I’ve had it checked out from the library, but I think I’m going to have to buy it. LOL For $5.18, it’s a steal.Civilizations history book

Are you like me and find that children’s books help you hone your research?