Ten or so years ago, I bought some ribbon at Costco. You know that Christmas ribbon that comes in spools of 100 ft or so. I couldn’t resist. It was sparkly and pretty, and I like my gifts to be sparkly and pretty. (This is an inherited trait passed down from my mother. So I can’t help myself. LOL)

When I first purchased the two or three rolls, Charlie just couldn’t understand why I wanted to spend $7.99/roll. (It’s a girl thing… Maybe?) I’ve bought one or two more rolls over the years. I’ve also bought some huge rolls of wrapping paper at the same price.

Five to ten years after buying these “expensive” Christmas wrapping supplies, I’m still using them. I recycle the bows. ( I inherited that from my mom, too.) When everyone has unwrapped their gifts, we roll the ribbon back up and store it in a box for next Christmas.

My mother has a few boxes of ribbon. (She’s a ribbon addict. LOL) I have one box of ribbon. (Okay, two.) However, they are used and used and used over and over again. I save gift bags and reuse them. And I do reuse them. Honestly, rather than spending money on wrapping, I spend more money on gifts and still have pretty packages.

I am not the expert gift wrapper my mom is, but I do receive compliments on gifts that I wrap.

Recycling is more than just for paper, plastic, and metal. At least it is in my house. 😀