We had the inimitable Coach Bill Bean today. I am grateful he came out to coach us on this holiday. We had a pretty full pool (about 4 people/lane). I got to swim with my friends, Abbi, Rachel, and Kristin. Such a lovely time. It was a good set, and, while all of 50s were meant to be full out for portions of it, either I didn’t push myself hard enough, I’m in better shape than I thought, or it was just one of those days, but I didn’t experience any attrition. Maybe it’s that I’m used to less rest, so it felt quite cushy. All of the easy 25s I did backstroke, and the last round was all backstroke as well. I think I managed the all out 50 backstroke under :40. As my goggles were fogging up (I need new ones) and the big clock wasn’t working, it was hard to see. Also, that last round, I let someone else lead, so I did get some draft off of her.

All of these sets are easy to adjust as you can just go by whatever your 100 base is.

60-minute swim workout, SCAQ 4th of July Sunday

Coach Bill Bean

650 warmup (~10 min)

Warmup Set (700 yds, ? min)
12 x 25 kick on :35 — build to second flag then shut it down

400 “parade” pull — start :03 behind the other person. Every 50 the leaders stops and allows the others to go ahead.

4 x 100 base + :05 (1:35 for us) descend

Main set 4x (1200 yds, 24 min)
Alt. 4x
50 on base + :10 (:55 for us)
25 on base + :05 (:35 for us)
Each 50, you add 1/4 of the distance all out. So, the first 50 is 12.5 yards all out/35.5 yards swim, the second 50 is 25 all out/25 swim, and so on.

100 warm down

Total yards: 3050

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