I haven’t posted a swim workout since Sunday. I did swim on Tuesday, but I’ve been busy trying to organize some personal stuff. Today’s workout is courtesy of Olympian and swim coach extraordinaire Rada Owen. It was a different, challenging, and fun workout.

60-minute swim workout

8 min warmup (500-ish yds)

Set 1 4x (1000 yds, 15:40 min)
150 on 2:20
75 IM on 1:20
easy 25 on :30

Set 2 (1400 yds, min)
4 rounds but each is different with the same intervals for first 3 rounds.
25/50/75/100 on :25/:45/1:10/1:30
easy 25 on :30 between
Same pyramid and times by the “easy” 25s are now butterfly and you start with the easy butterfly
Reverse IM pyramid
100/75/50/25–>drop the last stroke on each round
25 easy on :30
Reverse pyramid
100/75/50/25 sprint –> rest a couple of seconds, get your time, and push off into the easy 25.
Rest :30 after the easy 25.

Cool down (easy 100 for me)

Total yards: 3000

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