Normally, on Sunday, I swim at another facility, but that pool is closed for a private event. 🙁 If I’d swam at my regular Sunday facility, I wouldn’t have a broken toe. That’s right, I have a broken toe. How? It didn’t happen during swimming, but rather during the shower. Apparently, one of the shower knobs pops off. It’s quite heavy, as attested to by my toe. The one it landed on just so. Just so, that is, so it could break that toe. Who knew this was such a hazardous sport?

On the upside, I saw my swim buddy Abby, and we pushed each other. Or I pushed her. Actually, we pushed each other. One of the fun parts of swimming with others is pushing each other to swim faster/harder. Luckily, this was pre-broken toe.

Also, Coach Gina took some video of me swimming (I requested it). What does it tell me? I have work to do on my stroke. LOL

The main interval is very easy to adjust to your own intervals.

55-minute swim workout, SCAQ Sunday

Coach Gina

400 warmup (~6 min)

Warmup set (800 yds, ~12 min)
300–alt. 50 free/25 heady up
50 stroke
300–alt. 50 swim/25 sprint
50 stroke

Main set 4x (1700 yds, 27:10 min)
150–50 IM order/100 free by round on 2:30
100 moderate on 1:40
250/200/150/100 by round on you interval (ours were 3:45/3:00/2:15/1:30)

150 warms down

Total yards: 3150