I did swim Friday, but for a short 35 minutes as the pool facility had issues with the chemical balance and kicked us out.

You may notice that, despite an extra 5 minutes, I don’t seem to be getting a significant amount of yards. Well, as you can see from the last “set”, I used that time to push harder at the end of the workout with longer intervals. Not surprisingly, my backstroke is faster than my fly, but I did manage to finish those 50 fly. πŸ™‚

Well, you know the drill. Be sure to adjust the intervals, distances, or the entire so that they work for you or just copy and use as is. This is really meant to be inspirational.

55-minute swim workout, IM Monday

500 warmup (~7:25 min)

Warmup set 2x (600 yds, 11:20 min)
8 x 25 on :30 β€” IM order
Odds drill
Evens stroke
100 on 1:40

Main set 3x (1500 yds, 25:30 min)
3 x 150 on 2:30 β€” middle 50 stroke IM order (50 fly/50 back/50 breast)
50 easy on 1:00

Bonus set (300 yds, 6 min)
3 x 100 sprint on 2:00 β€” descend

150 warm down

Total yards: 3050

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