Back on track for my theme day. The focus is really on the 100s in the main set. For set 1, you really shouldn’t have more than 5 seconds rest for those 50s. This fatigues you so that when you turn around to sprint, it’s not easy. The first round should feel pretty good. The second round should be getting harder. By the fourth round, you should be wondering why anyone thought this was a good idea. LOL Lucky me, I had a wardrobe malfunction on lap one of the round three 100. My top came untied. I kept swimming. The top just kind of floated around my chest area. Needless to say, that 100 was not as fast as the others. Anyone who has swam with me knows I’m not going to stop to tie it and screw up my intervals. LOL You shouldn’t be watching me anyway. How were my hundred times? Eh, good enough.

I’ve been getting lazy when swimming fly, so I picked up my rotation speed a little and dropped four seconds on the 25s. I’m looking forward to Sunday when I swim with the team.

If you’re changing the intervals for set 1, to get the full effect of this workout, make those 50 intervals half your normal 100 interval. So, if you’re normal 100 interval is 1:35, do a :50. If it’s 1:25, :40-:45. If it’s 1:20, :40. You want it so you have around 5 seconds rest, but it shouldn’t be easy. Then, for the sprint, add :30 to your 100 interval. (1:35–>2:05, 1:20–>1:50, etc.)

Always listen to your body and do what you can.

Okay, enough chit chat.

55-minute swim workout, Friday sprint

500 warmup (~7:35 min)

Warmup set (600 yds, 12 min)
4 x 25 IM order on :30
4 x 50 on 1:00
R1: 25 underwater catchup drill/25 swim
R2: 25 head up freestyle/25 swim

Main set (1900 yds, 32:40 min)
Set 1 — 4x (1300 yds, 22 min)
4 x 50 on :45
1 x 100 on 2:00–sprint
50 easy on 1:00 after R2 & R4

Set 2 — 2x (600 yds, 10:40 min)
4 x 50 on :50
1 x 100 on 2:00–sprint

100 warm down

Total yards: 3100