Surprise! It’s almost back to normal. Today, they announced we could swim 3/lane. Fortunately, we had the entire pool (18 lanes) and, most of us, had our own lane. As there are a variety of speeds and swim levels, once people realize they can get a slot, it’s going to be chaos. Until that time, I’m going to enjoy the ability to do these workouts.

If you don’t have your own lane and are sharing, be sure that both of you are on the same “page” for the main set. Also, alternate your circle swimming rather than swimming down the middle of the lane. It doesn’t seem like much, but circle swimming in the opposite direction does kind of mess with the brain and you have to think about what you’re doing. I find it fun, but I know I’m not the norm. LOL If you can’t do the circle swim, then rotate the stroke through the 125. (i.e., R1: 1st 25 is stroke, R2: 2nd 25 is stroke, R3: 3rd 25 is stroke.) These fun days are not just about doing “fun” sets, but about making you think. Rotating the strokes will keep you from swimming on automaton. Or you can add a stroke/round, so that, by the third round, you’re swimming 100 plus a 25 free.

Truthfully, I swim an extra 50 yards because in the warmup set, I hadn’t decided what I was doing yet and “swam” the 3 x 50 “fun” 50s before inserting a sprint 50. After the first four 50s, I decided to rotate through with every third 50 being sprint. Why? Why not? (Grin)

As ever, adjust these sets and intervals for your fitness level.

50-minute swim workout, Tuesday fun in the pool

500 warmup (~7:25 min)

Warmup set (600 yds, 15:40 min)
12 x 50
1–25 dolphin dives flip into 25 free on :55
2–12.5 backward run/25 back/12.5 backward run on 1:00
3–sprint on :50
4–12.5 side run/12.5 sidestroke/switch sides repeat on 1:10
5-25 dolphin dives flip into 25 free on :55
6–sprint on :50
Just keep rotating through. Every 3rd 50 is sprint.

Main set 3x (1500 yds, 24 min)
4 x 125 on 2:00
1st 25 IM order
R1: circle swim starting on left side
R2: swim down the center
R3: regular circle swim (start on R side)

Short sprint set (100 yds, 2 min)
4 x 25 sprint on :30

100 easy

Total yards: 2800

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