Another day, another swim workout. I’m so lucky to have access to a pool this close to my house. Today was stroke technique emphasis. I like to mix it up. And it was. As always, be sure to adjust to your interval speed, mix and match from other workouts and just alter as you need, or want. I post these workouts as inspiration for others. I hope they’re helpful.

50-minute swim workout, stroke technique emphasis

500 warmup (~7:30)

:30 rest

Warmup set 2x (600 yds, 10:40 min)
4 x 50 on :55
100 on 1:40
R1: 1st 25 —>10 kicks on side face in water, breathe when you take a stroke, activating hip; 2nd 25–>free focusing on stretch and catch
R2: 1st 25 closed fist, focusing on getting as much catch on forearm as possible; 2nd 25 same as R1.

:30 rest

Main set 3x (1500 yds, 26:15 min)
100 on 1:35–>long strokes. Each lap should have fewer strokes than the one before. If it doesn’t, you kick into the wall.
4 x 50 on :45 — easy fast
25 easy on :30
75 on 1:10 — breakout off the wall, no breath first 5 strokes
4 x 25 on :30 — least amount of breaths

4 x 25 sprint on :40

200 warm down

Total yards: 2900

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