After yesterday, I was rather discouraged. It wasn’t fun, and swimming, while a workout, is always my happy place. Today, I decided that, regardless of what happened, I would relax and enjoy. Honestly, I think I’m a bit burnt out, but swimming generally makes my life better. Honestly, while I jokingly say that, if I didn’t swim, someone would die and it wouldn’t be me, there’s a kernel of truth in those words. LOL So, today, I determined to work on stroke technique and enjoy my swim regardless of what happened. And an amazing thing happened: I split the lane. No circle swim. It was lovely and exactly what I needed. While I did push some, I didn’t push as hard as I have. I’m still looking for my happy swimming mojo.

I worked on two drills today. I like to see which drills increase my speed. The skulling did nothing for me. This may just be that I’m doing it wrong. (Shrug) The other showed me that I need to work on my right arm catch. I’ve known this for years (I injured my shoulder in college), but perhaps if I work on it, my overall stroke will improve. We shall see.

50-minute swim workout, stroke technique

500 warmup (~7:25 min)

Warmup set 2x (600 yds, 11 min)
4 x 50 drills on 1:00/swim on :55
100 on 1:40
R1: 1st & 3rd 50 drill—R arm 25 yds/L arm 25 yds—focusing on pull, 2nd & 4th 50 swim—focusing on technique
R2: 1st & 3rd 50 — 25 yds head up skull/25 swim, 2nd & 4th 50 swim—focusing on technique

Main set 2x (1200 yds, 23 min)
4 x 75 on 1:20
1st 25 stroke IM order/50 free
4 x 50 back on :50–descend
4 x 25 on :30
Odds easy/evens hard

Easy 50

Bonus set (200 yds, 4 min)
8 x 25 sprint on :30

300 warm down

Total yards: 2850

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