Although I’d signed up to swim yesterday, I sliced a patch of skin off my finger Wednesday while teaching my teen how to cook. (It doubled as a knife safety lesson. 🤪) As running water, no matter how long I left it under, still hurt the following day, I decided to stay home for one day as chlorine and the cut didn’t sound like much fun. It worked out perfectly. While my finger is still healing, the chlorinated water didn’t bother it at all today.

Today being Friday, it was sprint emphasis day. Even though I had a day of rest, my times didn’t really show that. (Sigh) However, any day in the pool no matter how slow I swim is better than no day in the pool. 😊 I hope you enjoy this 50-minute swim workout. Obviously, you can adjust the intervals to fit your speed.

50-minute swim workout, sprint emphasis

500 warmup (~7:30 min)

Warmup set 3x (600 yds, 10:45 min)
100 on 1:35
4×25 sprint on :30

The goal is to descend the 25s :01/round. So, if for R1 you swim :16 25s, then R2, you swim :15 25s, etc. The speed you swim is up to you, but these are meant to challenge you a bit while still being a warmup set.

:30 rest

Main set 4x (1600 yds, min)
R1: 1:35/1:30/1:30/1:35
R2: 1:35/1:25/1:25/1:35
R3: 1:35/1:30/1:30/1:35
R4: 1:35/1:25/1:20/1:35<—I wanted 1:35/1:20/1:20/1:35, but some days you have what you have. If you can do it, do it.

Bonus sprints
3×50 on 1:00<—set a time to beat and maintain that for all 3. This would’ve been 4, but I wanted a warm down, and I ran out of time.

150 warm down

Total yards: 3000

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