50-minute swim workouts, sprint emphasis, 1-22-21
Today was sprint emphasis. I had planned on swimming a couple more 50s at the end, but the staff let us in a minute or two late, and sprinting requires more rest . . . if you want to do it right. I did it partially right, but I did it. LOL I was rather happy with those last two 50 times, and it makes me wonder if I could’ve swam the last 100 faster, but, eh, I did it, and that makes me happy. In case you’re wondering (and you may not be, but I’m going to tell you anyway), I come up with these workouts the day of because they depend on what I feel like doing. It’s quite a bit different than when I swim with the team. Honestly, I miss going to the pool and having a coach tell me what to do. It’s certainly easier, but I’ll take pool time anyway I can get it.

50-minute swim workout – sprint emphasis

550 warmup (~8:20)

Warmup set 3x (600 yds, 10:45 min)
100 on 1:35
4×25 on :30
1st: right arm
2nd: left arm
3rd: stroke
4th: kick

Main set 3x (1500 yds, 23:45 min)
2×100 on 1:35
4×50 on :50
100 on 1:30/1:25/1:20

50 easy

Bonus set (100, 2:30 min)
2×50 sprint on 1:15

100 Warm down

Total yards: 2900

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