So, no warmup today. I was nearly 10 minutes late getting in. Why? Well, I had a scheduled interview about my writing journey and book The Whispering House this morning at 8 am with JB Favour from Bookterviews. We had some technical difficulties (I’d never used the platform before, so . . .) The iOS app doesn’t have certain commands that the Android does. It took a bit to figure out. Anyway, we did, but the long and short of it was that we had to tape the interview a second time, resulting in me being late to the pool and no warmup.

Because I was late, I missed some drama at the pool. Apparently, the facility accidentally double-booked our lanes with some lap swimmers who were refusing to give up lane 1. The other five lanes beyond the SCAQ ones only had one person per lane in them. The lifeguards had to come over and tell them to move. Honestly, I don’t know why you’d want to swim with 5-6 other people who are so much faster they’ll run you over. That would just stress me out. Perhaps they resent swim teams coming in and filling up the lanes, except swim teams help make lap swimming more enjoyable. How? Well, many of the swimmers on the teams are very fast compared to lap swimmers. We also swim with 5-10 people in our lane, meaning there are fewer swimmers vying for those lap swimming spots.

Anyway, drama. It prevented those in Lane 1 from being able to swim those first 10 minutes. Not cool.

The main set actually took quite a bit longer than 21:30 minutes, but, if you do it straight through without stopping, that’s how long it should take. Unfortunately, many people were confused by this set (in particular, dropping the last 50 of the 150 for each consecutive round). Coach Peter had to go over this last part multiple times (wasting 3 minutes, which obviously irritated him. I should laugh, but . . . I was irritated, too.) Then, he kept having to remind each lane that we were dropping a 50 on the 150. We had more rest in between each round than normal. (sigh) He was so distracted with the other lanes that, like Generation X, Lane 3 (my lane) was forgotten when it came time to hand out the intervals. I’m not sad because he probably would’ve given us a faster interval than we are ready for, considering Lane 1 & 2 were doing 3:00 200s and their last 50 was to be :40. As a lane, we discussed 3:20 or 3:30. Since it was our second long course workout since lockdown, after the first 200, we settled on 3:30. We probably could’ve done 3:25. (shrug) It’s all good.

50-minute swim workout, SCAQ Sunday long course

Coach Peter
No warmup—I was late

Warmup set (600m, 13 min)
12 x 50
1–on 1:00–25 breath control/25 regular
2– kick on 1:15
3–stroke on 1:00

Main set (1200m, 21:30 min)
Set 3x (1200m, 21:30 min)
200 on 3:30
2 x 50 on 1:00
1st 50–25 head up free/free
2nd 50–25 butterfly hard (hahaha)/easy free
150/100/50 on 2:30/1:40/:50–drop a 50 by round
R1: 200–>odd 50s push/even 50s regular
R2: 200–>odd 50s regular/even push
R3: 200–>negative split for second 100

Bonus set (300m, 6 min)
6 x 50 on 1:00
Odds: underwater dolphin kick out to about 15m, the rest is easy free.
Evens: stroke sprint, but last 15m you hold your breath (hahaha)

100 warm down

Total meters: 2200