Second round. Surprisingly easy. Surprisingly not as hard as I expected. I’m sure I’ll be ready to crash. Actually, I’m already feeling it. There could be a nap in my future. Or not. I’ll never get to bed tonight if I do that. Anyway, it was a good set. Different, not hard at all. I did all of the 125s 1:50 or better, even breaststroke. Of course, before going into the facility, I’d just spoken with my nephew about last night’s women’s 800 free relay. Which led to a discussion about the 2012 Beijing Olympic men’s 400 free relay. That got me all amped up. LOL Getting in the pool, though, reminded me i’m not in my 20s anymore. Total yards for today: 5550.

As ever adjust the intervals, lengths, and even strokes as needed for your fitness level. Enjoy!

50-minute swim workout, round 2

500 warmup (~7:25 min)

Warmup set 3x (600 yds, 11:00 min)
4 x 25 on :30
100 on 1:40
R1: one arm drill (R side down/L side back)
R2: catchup
R3: drill IM order
R3: 100 IM

Main set (1450 yds, 23:20 min)
Set 1 — 2x (1100 yds, 18 min)
4 x 125 on 2:00
1st 25 IM order/100 free
50 easy on 1:00

Set 2 (300 yds, 5:20 min)
4 x 75 on 1:20
IM rotation—each 75 starts with the following stroke IM order
(e.g., fly/back/breast, back/breast/free, etc.)

50 easy

Bonus set (100 yds, 2:00 min)
4 x 25 on :30
sprint IM order—bahaha

150 warm down

Total yards: 2800

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