Today was obviously better than yesterday, but they let us in quite late (2 1/2 minutes). All of us were a bit unhappy about that. The lap swimmers come early and were checked in 5 minutes early. That being said, I swam with a new swim friend today named Chris. He’s significantly faster than me, but we were able to split until another person had no choice but to join us (no other lanes). Luckily, the guy was considerate and only slightly slower than me. We all made it work. Chris went on the top or bottom, I went on the :15 or :45, and the other guy just kind of worked around us. The guy said he was a 1:30 pace, which he might be as long as he has a lot of rest in between his 100s. Regardless, it worked out better for me, but I’ll have to talk to Chris if I see him tomorrow and offer to swim shorter distances so he can do some longer ones.

Rage averted for the day. LOL

50-minute swim workout, random workout day

500 warmup (~7:30 min)

Warmup set (600 yds, 9:40 min)
4 x 150 on 2:25 — middle 50–25 fly/25 back

Main set 4x (1800 yds, 28 min)
4 x 100 on 1:30–descend
50 easy on 1:00

50 easy warm down

Total yards: 2950

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