Although I worked out yesterday, I swam with the team (yay!). Coach Bill Bean gave us a great set, but, alas, I don’t remember the warmup set. Perhaps I’ll post it if I can remember what we did exactly. LOL As you can see from the title, today is IM day. IM day occurs the last Monday of every month. As I’ve been doing for the past several weeks, I come up with these swim workouts as I’m doing it. (Actually, often during the previous set.) There’s bound to be repeated sets. As the pools open back up, hopefully, I’ll be inspired by the coaches’ workouts, and, eventually, my workouts will have more variety.

50-minute swim workout, IM day

500 warmup (~7:30)

Warmup set 4x (600 yds, 10:40 min)
4×150 on 2:40
Middle 50 stroke (IM order) 25 drill/25 stroke

Main set 4x (1100 yds, 20 min)
125 on 2:10 1st 25 stroke IM by round/100 free
75 on 1:20 Start each round with the first stroke of your 125
50 on 1:00 25 stroke (IM order by round)/25 free
25 on :30 (IM order by round)

Bonus set (500 yds, 9:40 min)
5×100 IM on 1:50

50 warm down (or more if you have time)

Total yards: 2750

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