The fourth Monday of the month is always IM day. It’s nice to mix it up, although sometimes I think I go a little crazy on the IM. This might have been one of those days. I suppose I could’ve done some of the 50s on a faster pace, but, honestly, I’m excited if I break :54 for a 50 breaststroke. Yeah, it’s not my best stroke. It’s almost as slow as my kicking, and my friends all know how much I love to kick. LOL

Be sure to alter distances and intervals to work for you. Heck, even change strokes if that’s better. Enjoy!

50-minute swim workout, IM (crazy) day

500 warmup (~7:30 min)

Warmup set 2x (600 yds, 10:40 min)
4 x 75 on 1:20
1–25 fly/50 free
2–25 back/50 free
3–25 breast/50 free
4–IM fly/back/breast

Main set (1400 yds, 26 min)
8 x 50 IM order on 1:00 (fly/back/breast/free—twice through)
100 hard on 1:30
8 x 25 IM order 2x through on :30
100 hard on 1:30
50 easy on 1:00
4 x 50 IM order on 1:00
100 hard on 1:30
4 x 25 IM order on :30
100 hard on 1:30
50 easy on 1:00

200 warm down

Total yards: 2700

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