This particular swim workout is more out of the box and less yardage, but you do get a good workout if you do it right. The underwater at the beginning of each round of the main set combined with the sprint at the end of each round should make the underwater harder.

50-minute swim workout, “fun” emphasis

500 warmup (~7:30 min)

Warmup set 3x (600 yds, 11:25 min)
100 on 1:35
50 on 1:10
1st 25 sprint to middle of pool, vertical kick for 10 sec, easy for rest of lap, 2nd 25 head up free
50 on 1:00
1st 25 least amount of breaths/2nd 25 sprint

Main set 3x (1200 yds, 22:30 min)
100 IM on 2:00, underwater dolphin kick as far as you can before starting each stroke
8×25 on :30 (1st 25 breathe every 2, 2nd breathe every 3rd, 3rd breathe every 4th, etc. until you’re breathing every 9th.)
100 on 1:30<—this should be a harder interval.. Not a sprint, but a push.

Bonus “set” (100 yds, 2 min)
2 x 50 on 1:00 sprint

200 warm down

Total yards: 2600

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