My friend Martin came out and swim with me today. He’s a fast backstroker and motivates me to swim faster (or at least try to swim faster.) It felt pretty good at the beginning. The warm up was a bit longer than usual because he has a long drive up and needed to make a pit stop after the first 500. I swam an extra 100 while I waited. It’s amazing how easy it feels at the beginning of workout compared to how much harder the speed is by the end. LOL

The workout is a combination of Martin’s and my input. We generally text our ideas the night before to make it easier when we get in. Now that we can start from the same end, it doesn’t matter as much, but habits like this are good.

Of course, be sure to adjust sets, intervals, and distances to fit your fitness level. You are welcome to steal them as is.

50-minute swim workout, Friday sprint with a friend

650 (~10 mins)

Warmup (400 yds, 7:20 mins)
2 x 75 build on 1:20
2 x 25 kick/drill on :30

Main set #1 (1000 yds, 18 mins)
25 on :30
50 on 1:00
75 on :1:20
100 on 1:40

R1: 50 – 100 free
R2: 25 – 75 free
R3: 50 – 100 back
R4: 25 – 75 back

Main set #2 (400 yds, 6:40 mins)
2 x 75 build on 1:10
2 x 25 kick/drill on :30

Main set #3 (100 yds, 2:40 min)
4 x 25 sprint on :40

200 warm down

Total yards: 2750

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