Well, I felt the double workout from yesterday today. It gave me a new appreciation for the Olympic swimmers, all of them, but especially Katie Ledecky. The commentators estimated she’d swim 30 miles by the end of her Olympic journey this week. (Eep!) I realize this is their job, but it’s still humbling. And competing is exhausting. Hats off to all of these Olympians. You are inspiring, and the way you treat each other with such respect and even fondness. The way Dressel grabbed Milak’s hand and held it up with his after the 100m butterfly. The sweet conversation between Ledecky and Grimes after the 800 m free. This is what the Olympics is all about.

Okay, this workout was a bit easier than my usual. I wanted to attempt to sprint. It was okay, but I was tired. Luckily, I split the lane today.

50-minute swim workout, Friday sprint

550 warmup (~8:00 min)

Warmup set (600 yds, 11:40 min)
8 x 25 kick on :30
100 on 1:40
8 x 25 IM order on :30
100 on 1:40

Main set ( yds, 20:30 min)
Set 1 (600 yds, 11 min)
12 x 50 on 1:00/:55/:50
Descend 1-3

Set 2 (600 yds, 9:30 min)
6 x 100 1:40/1:35/1:30
Descend 1-3

Easy 50

Bonus set (100 yds, 2 min)
4 x 25 sprint :30

200 warm down

Total yards: 2600

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