I swam next to a buddy today. It was a good swim. Although the yardage was less, in part because Clay likes to give us stroke tips. (He even recorded my stroke with comments. He’s good that way.) The 100s are the end are meant to be sprint-ish. I was happy to maintain better than 1:18, even though I felt my stroke falling apart at the end. I kept reminding myself to stretch out and “relax”. There is a lot of mental in it.

This workout should be fairly easy to adjust for your speed and fitness level.

50-minute swim workout, Friday SCAQ

Coach Clay Evans

425 warmup (~6:00 min)

Warmup set (850 yds, 13:30 min)
2 x 25 on :30 — 2 breaths/lap (hahahaha!)
Odds—right arm only
Evens—left arm only
100 on 1:30 push
Repeat 25s
200 on 3:00 push
Repeat 25s
400 on 6:00 push

4 x 25 hard kick on :30

Set 2–5x (625 yds, 10 min)
100 on best interval plus :05, so 1:30–hard
25 sprint on :30

25 easy

Set 3 (250 yds, 6:40 min)
2 x 25 easy on :40
8 x 25 sprint on :40 (I alternated back and free)

125 warm down

Total yards: 2500

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Video: swimming stroke 6-11-21