Last Monday was the last day of the month. It would’ve been IM day, but I missed it. I’d thought it was fly, but no such luck. 🤪 It’s not a bad thing to do fly. It’s a painful thing, and, as the little, old lady I saw walking the hall at my mother’s nursing home yesterday said when asked if her hip hurt her, “No pain, no gain.” She must’ve been 80. I was tickled at her response and her cheerful tone of voice. You just don’t expect to hear someone that age say that. It motivates a person to do better. Today’s workout was definitely a “no pain, no gain”. Fly is generally painful. I think even those who are good at fly agree with that statement. For someone who is not a flyer, it’s even harder, but that’s all the more reason to do it. (Unless it really does hurt your shoulder, back, etc.) It’s good training and good variety.

If this is too much butterfly for you, throw in a different stroke. If it’s too fast or too slow, adjust the intervals. If the distances are too long or not long enough, adjust those, too. Make the workout work for you.

50-minute swim workout, fly emphasis (or no pain no gain)

500 warmup (~7:20 min)

Warmup set (700 yds, 13:40 min)
8 x 50 fly on 1:00
25 drill/25 swim
100 easy free on 1:40
8 x 25 on :30
Odds fly
Evens free

Main set 4x (1300 yds, 22:40 min)
4 x 75 on 1:15
25 easy on :30
R1: 25 fly/50 free
R2: 25 back/50 free
R3: 25 breast/ 50 free
R4: fly/back/breast on 1:25

:45 rest

100 sprint (1:17 min)<—stroke of your choice. I chose free.

150 warm down

Total yards: 2750

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