Today, the goal was to relax into the swim and feel the water. I find that distance sets do this for me. I’m willing to entertain that I am an odd duck because of that. LOL I get into a rhythm–a zone, if you will, and I can stretch out. As I was circle swimming, I couldn’t keep all of these intervals. The first 100 of that warmup set was really on the 1:35. The 300 was really on a 4:10. This was to avoid getting behind another swimmer, which would mean interfering with their workout more than I already had. They were very nice and let me pass whenever I came up on them. I tried to be as considerate as possible. My average 100 for the last 500 was around 1:23, which is good for me, and it felt good.

As ever, adjust the intervals, distances, and strokes as needed.

50-minute swim workout, distance workout

500 warmup (~7:10 min)

Warmup set (875 yds, 12:55 min)
100 on 1:40
200 on 3:10
50 on :50

150 on 2:20
300 on 4:40
75 on 1:15

Main set (1575 yds, 23:40 min)
All distances are on a 1:30 100 pace.
200 on 3:00
400 on 6:00
100 on 1:30

250 on 3:45
500 on 7:30
125 warmup n 1:55

200 warm down

Total yards: 3100

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