Somedays, you just have to swim distance, longer distances than you usually do. I know there are those who swim much longer distances, but I tend to keep the top distance around 400 yards, and then only a couple in any given workout. Yesterday, I pushed myself a little bit with the distance. Since I was swimming slower than usual, this time interval was challenging, especially at the end. Also, the lifeguard made me move over a lane during my warmup, which resulted in me not finishing the last 500. It was only :30, but that’s all I would’ve needed to complete it. You win some, you lose some.

Be sure you are adjusting the intervals and distances to suit your speed and fitness level.

On a positive note, I had two people yesterday think I was 10 years younger than I am. I’ll take it. 😁

50-minute swim workout, distance

500 warmup (~8 min)

Set (2600 yds, 39:40 min)
150 on 2:30
200 on 3:10
250 on 4:00
(the rest of these are on 100 base interval of 1:30)
500<—I did 450 as I ran out of time due to an interruption in my workout. Total yards: 3100<—I did 3050. #swimmer #swimming #mastersswimmer #50minuteswimworkout #mastersswimming