It’s Monday and stroke day. I was hoping to run into some SCAQ buddies this morning, but they weren’t three. 🙁 However, I split the lane for a while before a neighbor joined us. He’s a hair faster than I am, and the other guy wasn’t an issue, so we made it work. Considering that it was breaststroke day (heavily peppered with IM), it worked all well. Today, I discovered that my underwater for breaststroke is so bad, I’m 4 seconds slower than if I just start the lap with breaststroke. (Ahahaha) I have to say that’s pretty pathetic and somewhat hilarious. The IMs were slow, but the last all out sprint was better than expected.

Now, go forth and swim. But, first, adjust intervals/lengths/strokes as needed to work for you.

50-minute swim workout, breaststroke emphasis

500 warmup (~7:10 min)

Warmup set (600 yds, 11:40 min)
4 x 75 on 1:20
25 breast/50 free
6 x 50
Odds—breaststroke on 1:00
Evens—free on :50

Main set (1200 yds, 19:30 min)
12 x 100
Odds free on 1:30
Evens IM on 1:45

50 easy

Bonus set (200 yds, 4 min)
8 x 25 on :30
Odds sprint breast
Evens easy

100 all out

200 warm down

Total yards: 2850

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