I am not a breaststroker. Seriously, my kicking and breaststroke are nearly the same speed, but today is that day of the month where I focus on breaststroke. You’ll notice there’s less breaststroke emphasis than what you’ll find in my other stroke emphasis swim workouts. It’s for that reason. I try, but I’m just slow. Be sure to change the intervals to match your speed. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy this 50-minute swim workout.

50-minute swim workout, breaststroke emphasis

500 warmup (~7:30 min)

Warmup set 4x (600 yds, 10:20 min)
50 on 1:05—25 breaststroke drill (see round instructions), 25 breaststroke
100 free on 1:35
R1: breaststroke skull with flutter kick
R2: windshield wiper breaststroke drill (see link)
R3: in-sweep drill (see link)
R4: all breaststroke

Main set 3x (1200 yds, ~24:20 min)
4×75 w/10 sec (or interval 1:30 or faster)
100 free on 1:35
R1: fly/bk/br, bk/br/free, br/free/fly, free/fly/bk
R2: start with backstroke and cycle through strokes
R3: start with breaststroke and cycle through strokes

“Bonus” set (400 yds, 8 min)
50 on 1:00—25 hard breast/25 easy free
best average for breaststroke

Total yards: 2700

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