This is a little low on yardage, but it was still a strong workout. As you can see, very little of it was actually free. I’m late in posting this 50-minute swim workout, but I hope people will find it and pull from it.

50-minute swim workout, backstroke emphasis

550 warmup (~8:15 min)

Warmup set 2x (600 yds, 11:20 min)
100 on 1:40
8 x 25 on :30
Repeat pattern twice
1st–pause at top of stroke, count 3
2nd–3 backstroke pull, 3 free pull
3rd–head up backstroke for 5 strokes as fast as you can then regular back

:30 rest

Main set 2x (1400 yds, 25:20 min)
Broken 200 IM on 3:45 (:05 rest between 50s)
4 x 50 backstroke on :55<–push
50 easy on 1:15
8 x 25 backstroke on :30<–push
50 easy on 1:15

50 warm down

Total yards: 2600

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