Round Robin, a monthly writing promptThis month for Round Robin, we’re discussing reviews. (Thanks, Victoria, for the topic!) Reviews are the bane and boon of an author’s existence. We love them, and, sometimes, we hate them. Others, we might ignore, especially when it’s apparent the reviewer didn’t read our book.

Books Reviews and Amazon

Supposedly, the magic number for increasing your exposure on Amazon is 50. For someone, like me, who has 13 on one book and 5-6 on another, that number seems almost unattainable. As much as I love those four- or five-star reviews, I don’t want fake reviews. I want honest ones. And I never know if they’re honest if they are written by family and friends. (Well, my family doesn’t read the genre I write, so, family’s out. LOL) A few of my friends have, and, of course, they love them. (If they didn’t, I know where they live. 😉 ) However, I think the occasional three-star review is helpful. I may not like them (don’t all of us want 5 stars?), but, to the reader who doesn’t know me, this makes those 4-5 stars believable. As much as I would like everyone to fawn over my books, it’s not reality. There are a lot of books my friends love that I don’t, and vice versa. It’s a matter of taste.

Now, if someone starts critiquing my writing, pointing out what they think are flaws, what they think should have happened next, etc, if I think their comments have merit, I’ll take them into consideration. If I think they’re off base, I won’t. Being an author requires a person to develop a thick skin. Without one, I’d be depressed all of the time. (Not because of reviews, but because my books don’t sell like J.K. Rowling’s do. 😀 )

How to Get Book Reviews

book reviews, Round RobinObtaining book reviews is hard. Recently, I joined a review group. I review 6 books total per round, I never review anyone who has reviewed mine, and we are encouraged to be honest. We’re directed to review the book only. That means any personal attacks on an author are strictly verboten (as they should be). If the review is less than three stars, we ask the author if they want it posted. We post them where the author requests, but, most of mine, I post to Amazon, Goodreads, and on my blog. My book reviews have ranged from 2 stars to 5, so far. While I may not like all of the books, I am finding authors I normally wouldn’t have known were out there (and will be buying more of their books.) As a result, I’m signing up for another review team even as we speak. (I’ve been through two, so far.)

Someday, I hope I’ll have enough fans for the book reviews to pour in without any solicitation. That being said, I’m enjoying the discovery of new authors and their worlds.

If you would like to be one of my unsolicited reviewers, please check out my Amazon author page. 😀 (Hey, it doesn’t hurt to ask. LOL If there’s no response, that means no. If you contact me, I have a new fan.)

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