Mice playing

That’s what we’ll be doing.

Or, more appropriately, when the child is away. Yup. Lily is going with one of her friends somewhere overnight. There was a time when Lily wouldn’t do this. She needed Mom to help her fall asleep. Part of me is sad. I mean, she’s growing up. (Way too fast.) Another part of me is excited… very, very excited. The potential for a romantic evening alone with Charlie is very appealing.

Hot dog! The possibilities are endless. 😀 We can have sex and not be quiet. We can shower together. We can stay up late. We can sleep in. We can have sex at a decent hour as opposed to after midnight. We can…

Except Charlie is currently on a marathon shopping spree at Costco. So, what is likely to happen?

Hm… Let’s see. Both of us will be so exhausted, we’ll fall asleep by 9 pm. I’ll wake up at 6:30 because my body is so accustomed to early hours that sleeping past that time is no longer possible. He, however, will sleep in until 9 am at which point Lily will be home.

Ah, the joys of parenthood. LOL