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The Turquoise Bones book review

In The Turquoise Bones, Apjay is a boy on the verge of manhood in a harsh world of drought and famine. Gifted with messages from the dead, he can never please his father, the Hunt Leader. His entire tribe struggles from day to day to find enough food for everyone. But life is about to get harder when they discover a quasar, a giant, man-eating beast, closes in on his tribe.

His father sends out their best warrior, Sol, alone to battle the beast, but Apjay can’t let him go alone. It would mean certain death. Together, they defeat the beast. Even then, Apjay’s father doesn’t allow his son to own his own accomplishments.

Iota is destined to be the tribe’s medicine woman. To her, Apjay is just a boy, a friend, until something creates a schism that threatens to tear apart their tribe and reveals he may be more than just a boy to her.

Tensions rise, not only between Apjay and his father, Betel, but between Apjay and Perseus, both suitors of Iota. But he’s forced to leave the village with his father, his best friend, and Sol.

Thus begins Apjay’s and Iota’s journey. It’s filled with trials. More trials than any group should have to face. All four of them must delve the depths of their souls and their strength to survive the harrowing journey they are about to embark on.

My thoughts

The world is full of frightening creatures and different peoples that Steven R. Btrandt manages to bring to life. He weaves these together in a beautiful story of betrayal, love, truth, the journey to oneself, and ultimately to a universal truth you must read the book to discover.

It drew this reader in and took me on a ride to the very last word.

Well done.

If you love fantasy, The Turquoise Bones is a must-read.

4.5 stars

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